Every A-list Copywriter says *THIS* is the secret to writing KILLER copy...

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Everyone who wants to write email copy that sells, asks the same question:


"What are the best books for learning how to write copy??"


And every A-list copywriter I know gives the same exact answer...


And it has nothing to do with BOOKS!


But I'm getting ahead of myself...

First, I'm gonna pass the mic over to the late, great Mr. Jim Rohn...


Take it away, Jim!

"It's important to learn from your mistakes, but it is BETTER to learn from other people's mistakes, and it is BEST to learn from other people's successes. It accelerates your own success."

- Jim Rohn -

I honestly couldn't agree more -


"...learn from other people's successes."


I want to be one of the greats one day, too!


That's why I do exactly what every A-lister says to do:


"Don't read books ABOUT copy.

READ copy."


And they're 1000% right!


I'm subscribed to the best email writers' lists.


I'm talking about email-writing BEASTS like Ben Settle and Matt Furey.


I learn a ton from reading their copy every single solitary day.


(Are you on their lists? Ya should be!!


In fact, they're so good at writing copy, I'm even subscribed to both of their paid monthly newsletters!)


So why should you sign up to get my emails if you're on other lists already?




If you invited Jimmy Fallon and Zach Galifianakis over for dinner, and then you found Kevin Hart wanted to come by...


Would you say "No, Kevin! I got two funny guys coming, and that's enough!"


No shot! You want all the belly laughs, baby!!


You want your abs contracting so hard that it pains you to laugh!


You want to laugh so hard that you lose control of your bladder and pee your pants!!


Am I right... or AM I FREAKIN' RIGHT??!


So if you're serious about selling to your list with email, then here's what I can do for you:

(Almost) Every day you'll get an email from me (always me - no one else) which includes a single offer.

It might be an affiliate offer, or it could be my own product or service.

And if you're smart, you'll read my emails and you'll make a note about what makes you want to buy...or ... what DOESN'T make you want to buy!

After all, understanding what *triggers* YOU to buy something will probably work on other people (we're all emotional beings).

This is the only way you'll ever get good at writing email copy that sells.

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OK, love you... bye!


Kris Russo


P.S. I only deal with ethical marketers. Unethical marketers need not subscribe. If out of nowhere you stop receiving my emails, it's because I removed you because I found out you lie and cheat people.


Them the rulez!


P.P.S. Just like you, I hate spam. You'll only get emails from me. I don't sell or rent my list. And I don't share it with anyone. So you will only ever hear from me, Kris Russo.


P.P.P.S. You are never obligated to buy anything from me. I enjoy writing emails to sell stuff. I hope you learn from them and enjoy them.


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